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HomeAutomation is an open-source web interface and scheduling solution. It was initially made for use with the Telldus TellStick, but is now based on a plugin system and except for Tellstick it also comes with support for Crestron, OWFS and Z-Wave (using OpenZWave). It controls your devices (switches, dimmers etc) based on an advanced scheduling system, taking into account things like measurements from various sensors. HomeAutomation has been developed by Tom Rosenback since 2008 with the help of Daniel Malmgren since 2009. If you feel that you could contribute to the ongoing development of HomeAutomation, please contact us!

What makes HomeAutomation the solution for you

Control and measure

With HomeAutomation you can control your lights and appliances and also store you sensor readings.

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Schedule your lights and appliances from one location. Control anything based on time, a sensor value or any other input.


HomeAutomation is plugin based so that it can be easily extended supporting new systems.

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It is free

HomeAutomation is a free Open Source application. Just download without any registration or hassle.


All the systems below are compatible with HomeAutomation
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The Team

This is the people that works with HomeAutomation

Tom Rosenback

System developer
Tom started this project back in 2008.

Daniel Malmgren

System developer
Daniel joined the development team in 2009


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